Monday, February 23, 2015

I Wanna Review: Bella Lush

Hey, Curvy Girls!  Guess what?   There’s a new brand in town that’s catering to our lingerie needs. It’s Bella Lush.   Bella Lush is a lingerie online shop that was created with curvy girls and all of our lusciousness in mind (See what I did there).   Their Bras and Panties sets are not your grandmothers underwear ladies. Bella Lush offers fashionable and sexy options for voluptuous ladies, ranging in a wide variety of sizes. Bras start from 32 C and go to a 40 FF.   I chatted briefly with the creator of Bella Lush, Drea Phillips, during the Bella Lush’s launch and she shared that the idea that sparked this venture was lack a of quality lingerie options for curvy women in the marketplace.  So she decided to create more options and I’m so glad she did.

I had the pleasure of trying out one of the Bella Lush sets.  I tested the waters with the Dove Gray Print (Modeled Cup) Bra and the matching panty (Just so you know, both items are sold separately).  The bra and the panty featured small touches of lace with a grey and lavender print.  I of course fell in love with the lace because it added a very luxe feel but it was the support and coverage that won me over. As a top heavy woman who often has issues with finding quality bras to fit I have to say I was impressed.  I can see this set being my go to when wearing items that are form fitting. And if you are wondering, Bella Lush is affordable.  Bras and Panties range from $14-$45.  If you’d like to learn more about Bella Lush, check out their website at  While you’re their take a peek at the Danielle Contour Bra, it’s gonna make you faint.

Drea Phillips, Creator of Bella Lush and Myself at the Bella Lush Launch

Photo Credit Bella Lush

Saturday, January 10, 2015

I Wanna Have: Stylish hair for 2015

It's the same old thing with me.  Every new year I'll create my new years resolutions list also known as my "I wanna be better" list.  With my list in tow I"ll  make these grand promises to work on perfecting whatever I have listed, but by the time March rolls around that list is all forgotten.  One of the many things I put on my list last year was experimenting with different hairstyles but also maintaining a healthy hair regimen. While I wasn't able to prevail with in the hairstyle department ( I wish I could give you a better excuse other than I was lazy but I can't) I was consistent with keeping up with my hair regimen.  So I halfway got the job done.  I'm gonna try to be a big girl this year and have a do over.  I was able to slide through 2014 with about three solid styles (Twist outs, Slicked up bun and blowouts).  While these styles were super cute and convenient I've become really bored with them. I want to be more adventurous this year.  Here are some of the hairstyles I am hoping to try with my hair in 2015.

1. Crochet Braids
2. Box Braids
3. Wigs 
4 Roller Sets

What's on your beauty I wanna be better list for 2015?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Wanna Review: DreamDry

Blowout  bars have had a big boom over the last few years.  Salons touting blowout only services attached with a cheap price tag,  have popped up just about everywhere across the nation.  While the idea is nothing new, (y'all know Dominican salons have been doing this for the longest. Just saying) I still wanted to give the blow out bar craze a try.  So I decided to book an appointment with DreamDry.  When I  booked my appointment I made it very clear to the salon receptionist that I had afro- textured hair. Yup, I sure did.  This chica wanted to avoid any possibility of a hair disaster.  I was quickly assured that I would  be paired with a stylist who would be knowledgeable of my hair type. 

My appointment day arrived and although I ran a little late I was greeted by my stylist and seated right away once I checked in.  Pause. I'm gonna keep it 100 with y'all or real or whatever the young folks renamed honesty, this small action of starting my appointment on time despite my tardiness, won me over.  If you've had salon experiences like I've had in the past then you know the pure joy of finding a salon that are sticklers for starting hair appointments promptly.  Big Points for Dream Dry. Play. After being seated I had a quick consultation and then was whisked away to the wash bowl where the stylist did a great job introducing the products (Dream Dry uses Oribe products) and their benefits. After completing my wash I was prepped for the blow out using a heat a protectant.  My hair was blown out on a medium heat.  The kind of heat that allowed my hair to be stretched but not pin straight, which was fine by me ( Lord knows I don't need another heat damage scenario in my life. Please and thank you).  Once the blowout was complete my hair was curled with a flat iron, creating great body and waves. Other than my hair looking a  tad bit dry I was happy with the final look. In case your wondering what I mean by dry, my hair didn't appear to have that normal shine I'm used to when getting my hair straightened. I suspected the products had something to do with it but I'm not 100% sure.  Have you tried a blowout bar? If so how was your experience?


$40 plus tax

Quick service
Great price
Great ambiance (They have Ipads to browse while getting you hair done)

My hair looked a tad bit dry (I suspected the product had something to do with that)


Monday, January 13, 2014

4 Things I learned while watching the Golden Globe Awards

Capes and Fades:  Who knew the combination of a cape and fade could make such a flawless look. Well apparently 12 Years a Slave actress, Nupita Lyongo'o knew.  Lyongo'o was a crowd favorite among the red carpet looks, donning a simple yet chic Ralph Lauren cape gown and a low cut fade. #I'mhereforNupita #Nupitadidthat

Trending again: Why no one told me is beyond me but apparently high low hem dresses are the best thing since sliced bread. I spotted the not so new trend at least four times on the red carpet. 

No Excuses: When it comes to showing up and showing out 'But, I'm Pregnant' will no longer be an acceptable excuse for the ladies sporting baby bumps.  Preggo stars Kerry Washington, Drew Barrymore and Olivia Wilde didn't let a little bump get in the way of shining at the Golden Globe Awards. Each star looked absolutely stunning.

Girl, It's not all about you: It's no surprise that red carpet style is often ruled by the ladies.  While this may be true the gentleman at the Golden Globes were  ready to put up a fight and show the ladies a thing or two about this thing called style.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I Wanna Wear: 1 Top Three Ways

Maybe it's my attachment to things or it could be that I just love mixing things up.  Either way I've been rocking this Old Navy top (see here) non stop.  I was able to snag this top at a bargain weeks ago with my Old Navy discount at a skimpy $10 bucks. This top is so versatile making it super easy to mix and match.  Here are few outfit ideas that I tried.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Black Leather Jacket Project

I told you she'd be back at it (Don't remember, refresh your memory here ).  Brooklynite and Black Leather Jacket Project founder, Antaya McKenzie will be returning with another exciting fashion showcase this year.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the The Black Leather Jacket Project, it is a platform that was created by McKenzie to expose the talents of young independent designers. On September 6th McKenzie will be producing her second spring preview show featuring collections from Rock Wallace, Padmore, Kathy Rosa, Mathematics, Collec+ive Coutrue Junky and Rik.wahyt.  In addition to the fashion inspiration guests will be treated to a special performance by R&B songstress Ruby.  And if you were searching for other reasons to be super excited about this event, the hostess of the night will be .... wait for it... ME.  Yes,  I'll be entertaining the crowds and sharing commentary of what hits the runway.  If you are interested in attending the Black Leather Jacket Project please email for ticket information.  Hope to see you there!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

3 reasons why H&M's online shop is great news

Have you heard the news? After a few false alarms H&M has finally launched an online shopping website for US shoppers.  Why is this good news?  Well here are my top three reasons why:

Move, Get out the way:
Veteran H&M shoppers know more than anyone that it can get pretty crazy in the aisles of the budget friendly clothing chain, especially on the weekends. With an online site you have the option to avoid those rowdy crowds we all hate to battle.

Luck Stars:
For those of who have experienced the fashions of H&M in your city, count your lucky fashion stars.  Believe it or not there are some states in the US who have no local H&M.  Now residents of those states can join in on the fashion fun.

Second Chance:
How many of you have fallen victim of seeing an item in H&M stores but only to realize they don’t have your size (raises hand).  With the introduction to the new site shoppers will have a second chance at making a purchase.