Monday, September 28, 2015

I Wanna Wear Midi Skirts

Skirt: Gap | Sneakers: Chucks | Shirt: Similar | Purse: Similar | Shades: Similar | Lipstick: Stila Beso

A few weeks ago Essence Magazine held their 2nd Annual Street Style Block Party in Dumbo, Brooklyn.  If you've never heard of the event, it's exactly what it sounds like, a party in the street mixed in with tons of fashionistas and vendors galore.  While I wasn't able to make last years Block Party I made sure to skip on down to attend this years affair. Prepping myself for the event, I knew two things. One, I wanted to be comfortable and two I was going to break out my new Midi Skirt.  With those two things in mind I grabbed my Chucks, Midi Skirt  and button down shirt. Voila.  For the finishing touches I added my Stilla Lipstick, mustard colored purse and cat eye shades.  I thought the look worked perfectly.  What do you think?


Friday, September 25, 2015

I Wanna Travel to Chicago

If I'd asked you what comes to mind when you thought of Chicago you’d probably answer Deep Dish Pizza, Chicago Hot Dogs and the Windy City.  Your answers would of course be one hundred percent spot on, as Chicago offers all of those things and so much more. Yes more! In fact it was the more that made me fall head first in love with the city while on a getaway to Chicago earlier this month. I know you’re probably thinking Chi-town doesn’t exactly seem like an ideal place for a getaway and while I would agree it's  not a number once choice in the vacation category, it’s certainly a getaway I think you should experience very soon.  Here’s why.

The Architecture will leave you speechless:
To experience the Chicago skyline is to experience art in building form.  The attractive skyline filled with a variety of designs and intricate carvings is in a league of its own. The beauty of the city doesn’t stop there as art spills out on to the streets and parks of Downtown Chicago where some of the most amazing sculptures are on display.  Be prepared to take a lot of photos.

Chicago has more to offer than just Pizza:
There is absolutely no way of escaping Pizza while in Chicago. It’s just embedded in the culture. But Chicago has so much to offer than just its Pizza. Slurping Turtle is one of them.  Slurping Turtle is a Japanese Comfort Food Restaurant known for its amazing Ramen and Duck Fat Fried Chicken.  And yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds.  Also making a big splash over Pizza is Stan’sDonuts and Coffee.  The Shop originates from Los Angeles but now calls Chi- town its home.  Please believe me when I tell you that you will not find another donut that will compare.  Oh and just in case you need another dose of convincing, they also serve gelato *squeals*.  And I of course can’t forget The Violet Hour.  The Violet Hour is a pre–prohibition era type bar.  At first glance it looks like a boarded up abandoned building from the outside but once inside you are introduced to some of the most tasty spirits you’ve ever tasted.

The Public Transportation gets Five Stars:

I'm a Brooklyn girl, born and raised.  So I know a thing or two about public transportation.  Trust me when I tell you that Chicago is one of the cleanest mass transit systems that I’ve ever seen. Grant it I was only there for four days but a lot can happen in four days. A lot like track delays, weekend track work or even trains being put out of service without notice *Coughs* MTA. I see you CTA looking all sexy in the transit world.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I wanna wear: Prints

I'm convinced that prints and I are just meant to be together. We have this kind of relationship where it's just meant to be. It's totally a girls best friend. Well maybe not a best friend but certainly an very fond associate lol.   While I believe that everyone woman should have at least one bold print statement piece in her closet I realize that not everyone embraces prints.  I know bold prints can be a bit intimidating at first but it's really a great way to spruce up an outfit.  If you're not a print loving kind of girl here are a few tips to get you started down the print lane.

Pairing a print with a bright color is one way to rock prints. It's adds an extra pop to an already lively outfit.

Mix and Match:
Now if you are bold and love to take risk definitely try mixing and matching prints.  Start out  with a leopard and a stripe pairing and then take it from there.

Don't forget that you can play up prints using your favorite accessories like a turban or those cool shades you love.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I Wanna Review: Adovia's Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Who doesn’t love vibrant, glowing skin? I know I do.  That’s one of the many reasons that I jumped at the chance to review Adovia’s Dead Sea Salt Scrub. Made with genuine dead sea salt this scrub promises to exfoliate dead skin cells and leave the skin hydrated and soft.  All things I need to keep my summer skin looking all kinds of fabulous.  So after putting this scrub to the test here is what I can tell you.  The scrub is a bit greasy as the mixture contains up to five oils (Sweet Almond, Apricot, Avacado, Grape Seed and Sesame Seed) .  The overload of oils can make the application a bit messy and slippery.  On the brighter side the smell is divine. It’s the kind of scent that stays with you throughout the day but isn't overpowering.  I know, I know. How much is it? Well regularly this product goes for $38 bucks but it is currently available for $14.95 on Cleopatra's Choice or on Amazon. Not too bad.  What scrubs are you guys using?

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Wanna Review: OZ Naturals' Vitamin C Serum

I’ve been on this crazy health kick lately.  The kind that has led me  to scour health food stores and the interwebs for organic and toxic free products.  It’s no secret that beauty products can often contain harsh toxins that can lead to serious health issues down the line. So like any beauty lover I've become a manic trying to find healthy alternatives. So you can imagine my excitement when I was selected to review OZ Naturals’ Vitamin C Serum, a natural skincare product.  OZ Naturals is a brand dedicated to natural skincare.  Their products are cruelty-free, paraben free, sulfate free, mineral oil free, lanolin free and gluten free.  The Vitamin C Serum promises to brighten skin for a youth glow, fade dark spots and will even out skin tone and texture.

The liquid solution (the product didn’t have an oily consistency like I thought) went on really smooth and dried quickly after applying to my freshly washed face.  This made it very easy to layer on any moisturizer or SPF afterwards.  And for those of you wondering about scents, not to worry the serum has no scent at all.  All in all I did love the glow that I received after using the serum but I didn't see much of difference on my dark spots.  Retailing at 22.00 – 25.00  dollars depending on where you purchase, this product is a bit on the pricey side. I guess that’s the price you pay for natural beauty.  

Would you try OZ Natural Products? What are some of your natural skincare recommendations?

Friday, May 1, 2015

I Wanna Celebrate: Mother's Day

Hey Boo Thangs!  I think we can all agree that every Mother deserves to be celebrated year round but someone had the bright idea to squeeze the celebration of mothers into one day and call it, well what else, Mother’s Day.  Now I love my Mom to pieces but the thought of Mother's Day always gets an epic eye roll from me because of my poor gift hunting skills.   I am the absolute worst when it comes to picking out gifts and I never know what to get my Mom.  So in the end I always resort to the rushed gift.You know, the kind of gift you had no plans on giving someone but in a panic it’s the best you can come up with.  This year I've started the hunt early (well sort of) in search of the best Mother’s Day Gift ever.

That’s where Uncommon Goods come in. Uncommon Goods is an online privately owned retailer that features lots of unique designs and handcrafted gifts that are perfect for Mothers. Tucked away in the heart of Brooklyn, NY (Where Brooklyn at?), The Brooklyn retailer prides itself on carrying collections that incorporate recycled materials all at reasonable price points.  I received one of Uncommon Goods’ popular handmade items, The Precious Dipped Lace Heart Necklace to test out.  The beautiful necklace is handmade by designers Tulianna and Alejandra Garces. The Gold, Copper and Lace piece is a great choice for the Mom who would love something that is simple yet romantic.  For more  Gift Ideas like this please visit Uncommon Goods here and when you are done with that make sure to enter into the giveaway below. That’s right one of you lucky boo thangs will be the owner of this Precious Dipped Laced Heart Necklace and a $25 Gift Certificate from Uncommon Goods. Check all the deets below.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Wanna Try: Marley Twists

Hey Boo Thangs!  Have you been following me over on the Book (that's cool slang for Facebook for you old fogeys)?  If you answered No, what are you waiting for (Yes that was my idea of a shameless plug). For those of you who are following me then you may know that I stuck to my word (Read here to refresh your memory) and tried out a protective style recently.  Now my intentions were to go with Box Braids for my first round of protective styling but after Pinterest stalking hair boards for months I decided to try out the Marley twists instead.   I had my twists installed back in February and took them out a month later.  Like any new hair style you try, figuring out what works and what doesn’t is always the name of the game.  Here are a few things that worked for me while maintaining my Marley Twists.

1. I opted  for lighter oils  like almond oil, Jojoba oil and Coconut oil when moisturizing. Heavier oils tend to cause a residue when my hair are in braids so going with these lighter choices were a go.

2.  I made sure to Deep Condition with a protein treatment before install and after take down. Your hair will go through lots of wear and tear with extension styles and it could potentially weaken your hair. A protein treatment can help with restoring and maintaining the strength of your hair. 

3. I skipped on gels and heavy pomades when styling my edges. Like heavier oils, gels and pomades can cause residue in your hair after frequent use.  It can also cause matting which can lead to a great loss of hair.

4. I made sure to limit my style to less than two months.  As I've learned from past experiences keeping extension styles in longer than two months can turn into a nightmare when it comes time to take out your style. Having in a style longer than two months increases your chances of matting and tangles.

5. Don't be afraid to incorporate essential oils into your regimen. I made a easy DIY hair spritzer with water and peppermint oil for moisture and to combat my  itchy scalp I used tea tree oil.

                         What are some of your tips for maintaining your protective styles?